Snapchat Best Friends List 2024 Explained – All You Need To Know!

Who doesn’t love seeing that little gold star emoji next to your number on Snapchat Planet order! Swiping over to your Friends page and checking out your Snapchat Best Friends List gives you a quick glimpse into your most active and closest connections on the app.

The Snapchat planets bsf List adds a bit of gamification to our friendships, for better or worse. But if utilized properly, it can be a fun way to track our evolving relationships over time.

Let’s explore what goes into this coveted list and the special benefits that come with Snapchat BFF status.

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Snapchat Best Friends List

What is the Snapchat Best Friends List?

The Snapchat best friends list shows your eight closest friends on Snapchat in order of who you snap with the most. It appears at the top of your friends list with a special emoji next to each friend. This list updates regularly based on your Snapchat activity over the previous weeks.

So if you suddenly start snapping a lot with one friend, they might move up higher on your best friends list. And if you haven’t been interacting much with a friend who was previously at the top, they might drop down or fall off the snap bsf list planets completely.

Here are the planets that represents your best friends list:

How the Snapchat Best Friends List is Calculated?

Everyone wonders how does the best friends list work? But Snapchat uses an algorithm to calculate your best friends list. While the exact formula is kept secret, these factors are known to influence it:

  • Number of snaps sent back and forth with a friend
  • Frequency of communication
  • Length of your snapstreaks
  • Whether you primarily send chats vs. photos/videos
  • How quickly you respond to each other’s snaps

The algorithm looks at this activity over the past few weeks, with more recent interactions carrying greater weight on bsf planets Snapchat. So if you want someone to appear on your best friends list, make sure to snap them frequently and keep the conversation flowing.

What Do the Emojis Next to Names Mean?

The emoji next to each friend on your best friends list also has significance. Here is what each emoji means:

🌟 Gold Star – Your #1 Best Friend
❤️ Red Heart – #2-#8 Best Friends
😂 Yellow Face – This friend has the same #1 Best Friend
🔥 Red Fire – You are both #1 Best Friends with each other

So if you have a 🔥 next to a friend’s name, it means you are both each other’s #1 best friend on snap bsf planets.

Benefits of the Best Friends List

Having a snap planet bsf list provides a few advantages:

  • Shows you your closest Snapchat friends at a glance
  • Lets you focus on nurturing certain friendships
  • Adds a playful competitiveness for reaching #1 BF status
  • Star emoji publically displays your top friend

However, it can also cause drama and hurt feelings for those who drop down or off the best friend list on Snapchat. So it’s important not to take it too seriously and realize friendships fluctuate.

Extended Best Friends List On Snapchat+

If you subscribe to Snapchat+, you get the inside scoop on who your true besties are. They let you peek at up to 16 friends to see who you send snaps to the most. So if you ever wonder “Hmm I wanna know if I’m in Sally’s top 5 BFFs”, Snapchat+ spills the tea. Go stalk your friend list and they’ll gossip about who’s moving up or down in your priorities lately. Juicy stuff.

To check it out, go to your profile, tap your Snapchat+ membership card, and select “Extended Best Friends List.” Here you’ll see your full rankings across 16 spots, which can provide deeper insight into your snapchat bsf planets activity.

Difference from Regular Best Friends

The extended BFF list has a few key differences from the normal one:

  • Shows 16 friends instead of 8
  • Only visible to Snapchat+ subscribers
  • Displays exact order of your top 16 friends
  • Lets you see fluctuations deeper down in your rankings

So while all users can see their top 8 besties, Snapchat+ offers an extended list for more specificity into your overall best Snapchat friends order. Still, Wondering how many best friends you can have on Snapchat? Now Find out all its details.

Benefits of Having an Extended BFF List

Here are some benefits of being able to access an extended best friends list with Snapchat+:

  • View twice as many close friend rankings
  • See a more nuanced look at your friendships
  • Better understand changes deeper in your list
  • Identify rising and falling friendships earlier

However, having more visibility into your precise best friends order can also cause more pressure and problems with friends if taken too seriously. Use it mainly for your own curiosity!

Best Practices for Managing Your List

Here are some tips for managing your Snapchat best friends list:

  • Don’t obsess over it or cause drama – it often fluctuates
  • Focus on nurturing the friendships you care about most
  • Avoid spamming friends just to move up the list artificially
  • Understand that chattier friends often rank higher
  • Keep perspective if someone drops down or falls off

The snap chat planet bsf list is ultimately just for fun! The best way to leverage it is to focus on strengthening mutually important friendships through consistent, authentic communication. Also explore about how Snapchat best friends feature work to keep your bond strong with your besties!

The Bottom Line

The Snapchat best friends list offers a glimpse into your closest social circle on the app. While the algorithm has some quirks, the bsfs list largely shows who you snap with the most. Monitoring your list can help identify rising and falling friendships over time.
Just be sure not to take fluctuations too personally or cause stress over someone sinking in the ranks. Snapchat friendships naturally ebb and flow. Focus instead on nurturing the connections that matter most to you!

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