What is Snapchat Sun? Explained [2024]

Have you ever imagined yourself as the bright shining sun at the centre of your own tiny galaxy? With the Snapchat solar system, your dream comes true!

Snapchat Sun is like your digital avatar in the Snapchat solar system. The Snapchat solar system is a symbolic feature within the Snapchat app that visualizes the closeness of users to each other based on their interactions within the app.

It is only available to Snapchat+ subscribers and is represented by a planetary system where the user is the “Sun” and their friends are assigned planets. The friend solar system feature is intended to be a fun and engaging way for Snapchat+ users to visualize their closest connections on the platform.
Let’s dive in to explore morea bout snapchat sun!


How is Snapchat Sun Related to the Snapchat Solar System?

As I explained above, within the Snapchat Solar System you are represented by the bright orb that gives life to the entire galaxy. You appear as the mighty Star of Your Snapchat Galaxy!

Your friends orbit around you like planets both big and small. The closest ones whiz around real near, while others drift further out there depending on your level of connection.

Each planet relates to a different friend. Such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, symbolize the ranking of friends in a user’s friend list, with Mercury being the closest friend and Neptune being the eighth closest friend.

You are the massive glowing star at the center – the Snapchat Sun! All the planets revolve around your warm sunny rays that symbolize all the snaps, laughs and memories you share together.

The better you know and chat with each friend, the closer their planet closes in to feel your heat. So keep on snapping each day to brighten the whole galaxy of your crew both near and far! You light up the lives of all your Snapchat solar fam as the kingly star of the show – the Snapchat Sun!

What Is the Purpose of the Snapchat Friend Solar System Feature?

The purpose of the Snapchat Friend Solar System feature is to:

  1. Visualize the closeness of a user’s friendships on Snapchat
  2. Rank a user’s friends from closest to farthest, with the user represented as the “Sun” and their friends as planets in a solar system
  3. Provide Snapchat+ subscribers with a unique and interactive way to understand the dynamics of their friendships on the app
  4. Allow users to see which of their friends are their “Best Friends” (top 8 closest friends) and which are just “Friends” (in their top 8 but not vice versa)

How To Get Friend Solar System On Snapchat?

As I mentioned above, Snapchat solar system is only available to the snapchat+ subscribers. So basically if you have the snapchat+ you can avail this feature in your Snapchat app. If you don’t have a snapchat subscription, here is the detailed guide to purchase the Snapchatplus subscription smoothly.

Snapchat Sun Filters and Lenses

The Snapchat Sun also represents the augmented reality lenses and filters provided by Snapchat within the app. Here are the few Snapchat Sun filters and lenses described with their details:

Sunset Lens

This lens was created by Snapchat user Akram. It overlays a beautiful sunset sky backdrop when the front camera detects sunlight. Orange and pink hues light up the sky and provide a scenic sunset vibe.

suny Lens

Developed by Snapchat user Sushi🎈, this lens enhances faces with a warm sunset glow when sunlight is present. Golden sparkles are added around the edges for an angelic look.

Sunset Day Lens

Created by Ish Faq 🚩, this lens transforms the view into a gorgeous beach scene with orange and purple sunset sky and setting sun over calm ocean waters. Palm trees are rendered in the background.

Sunrise Lens

This lens by user 🛜 | عبدالله أصغر depicts a spectacular sunrise scene with the sun peeking from behind colorful skyrendered clouds. Golden hues light up the sky for a scenic morning vibe.

Heart Sunset Lens

Designed by user Jhanavi, this cute lens overlays large rose-colored hearts that float upwards resembling a romantic sunset sky filled with love.

Pink Sunset & Leaf Lens

DJ Navi Jain developed this lens that renders soft pink and orange sunset sky through falling leaves to provide a soothing visual filter.

Some other popular sun lenses include Sunset by Sasha Soul Art, sunset by Kunal Maida and SUNKISSED – each recreating breathtaking sunset backdrops.

Final Verdict

The Snapchat Sun is a part of the Snapchat Solar System,jsut like other snap planets and moon symbolizes the user within the app, with friends represented as planets based on interaction. This Snapchat solar system feature, exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, visualizes friendship closeness, ranking friends from closest to farthest. It offers a unique way to understand friend dynamics and identify “Best Friends.” Snapchat app also provides the users with sun filters and lenses to satisfy their aesthetic senses. Overall, it’s a fun way for subscribers to engage with their connections.

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