Saturn Snapchat Planet Meanings [2024]

Saturn is the sixth planet in the Snapchat solar system, symbolizing the sixth closest friend on the app. Saturn Snapchat Planet designation is visually represented by an orange planet with a distinctive gold ring encircling it. The placement of Saturn holds significance in indicating a friendship that is significant but not the closest within one’s social circle on Snapchat.
This feature is only available to Snapchat Plus users. Snapchat Plus is a paid subscription service that provides you the access to Pro, pre-release, and exclusive features. The Friend Solar System is just one of the many features that Snapchat Plus users can enjoy.

The Significance Of Saturn Snapchat Planet

As mentioned above, Saturn’s presence signifies the sixth closest friendship, offering users a visual representation of their social connections. Saturn planet in Snapchat serves as a marker for a meaningful relationship that holds a special place in one’s network but may not be the closest bond.

The Visual Representation of Saturn Snapchat Planet

Saturn is visually depicted as an orange planet with a gold ring around it, symbolizing the sixth planet from the Sun in our solar system. The gold ring around Saturn is the largest graphical ring system among the Snapchat planets, making it easily distinguishable from the other planets.

This visual representation of Saturn in Snapchat’s universe adds a fun and engaging element to the app, offering users a unique way to understand the closeness and significance of their relationships within the platform.

What the Stars Around Saturn Snapchat Planet Signify?

The stars surrounding Saturn on Snapchat represent the unique interactions and connection shared with the friend represented by Saturn. They symbolize the dynamic and special nature of the relationship, adding depth to the visual representation.

Saturn snapchat planet

What if My Best Friend Has a Saturn Snapchat Planet?

If your best friend is assigned Saturn as their planet, it indicates a strong and significant bond between the two of you. While not the closest friend designation, having Saturn as their planet suggests a special and valued friendship dynamic.

Can I Change My Position from Saturn to Mercury or Venus on Snapchat?

Users may wonder if they can alter their position from Saturn to a planet like Mercury or Venus on Snapchat planet order. The positioning on Snapchat’s solar system is influenced by interactions and engagement levels with friends. Increasing interactions with a specific friend can potentially lead to a change in the assigned planet, reflecting the evolving nature of friendships on the platform.

How to Check Your Position In Snapchat Friend Solar System?

To check your position in a friend’s Solar System, navigate to their profile and tap the Best Friends or Friends badge underneath their name. If you see Best Friends, this means you’re each other’s top 8 friends. If you see Friends, you’re in their top 8 friends, but they’re not in yours. If you see Neptune, it means that you are their eighth-closest friend. The planet’s position in the solar system is based on how often you interact with that friend on Snapchat.

The Bottom Line

The Saturn Snapchat Planet represents your sixth closest friend in the Friend Solar System. It’s a great way to keep track of your top friends on the app. It’s also a unique feature that is only available to Snapchat plus users. If you’re a Snapchat plus user, be sure to check out the Friend Solar System and see where your friends rank. Also, explore more about how Snapchat best friend feature and Snapchat’s solar system work to make your bond stronger with your loved one.

FAQs About Saturn Snapchat Planet

How is Saturn assigned to a friend on Snapchat?

Saturn is assigned to a friend based on the level of engagement and interaction between the user and their friends. The more a user interacts with a friend, the closer that friend is positioned to the Sun, or the user, in the Snapchat solar system. Saturn, being the sixth planet, represents the sixth closest friend.

Can I change my friend’s planet from Saturn to a closer position?

Yes, users can potentially change their friend’s planet assignment by increasing engagement and interaction with that friend. By doing so, the friend’s planet may move closer to the Sun, or the user, in the Snapchat solar system

Can I see which planet I am in my friend’s solar system on Snapchat?

To see which planet you are in your friend’s solar system on Snapchat, you need to have a Snapchat+ subscription. Once you have the subscription, navigate to the chats section, open your friend’s chat, and tap their bitmoji icon from the top left corner. After that, tap on the friendship badge to see which planet you are in their Solar System.

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