How Snapchat Best Friends Feature Work?

Wondering how snapchat best friends feature Work? Let me explain!
Snapchat best friends feature highlights the friends you interact with most. This feature is commonly known as snapchat planet order.

These close connections are shown at the top of your Chat and Send screens for quick access. You can have up to 8 Best Friends at a time, with the list updating regularly based on your snap activity. While you can see who your Best Friends are, no one else views that exclusive inner circle.

As your bond strengthens, custom emojis appear next to Best Friend’s names, visually celebrating your tight-knit social circle. This special status recognizes your closest confidants within your broader Snapchat network.

How Snapchat Best Friends Feature Work

How Snapchat Best Friends Feature Work?

Snapchat constantly tracks who you’re snapping with and chatting with the most. When certain friends consistently stay at the top of that list over a few weeks, they’ll get promoted to your Best Friends! So your real-life BFFs and closest pals on the app have a good chance of ending up as your “Snapchat Besties”. You can keep up to 8 friends as your Best Friends at one time.

  • Snapchat tracks snap/chat activity
  • Special emoji are shown next to your best friends
  • BFFs list gets Updated based on your interactions
  • Only you can see your best friends list
  • Friends snapped most often become your Best Friends

How Does Snapchat Decide Your Best Friends?

Snapchat’s algorithm calculates your interactions with your friends over the past week. It takes into account the number of Snaps and Chats you send to each friend, as well as how often they reply to you compared to others.
Based on this two-way communication frequency, Snapchat identifies your 8 most reciprocal friendships to showcase as your Best Friends. These special friends essentially get VIP status in your Snapchat world for being your true inner circle.
The Best Friends algorithm is dynamic, so your list can change from week to week as your real-life friendships and interactions evolve.

Where Do You See Your Best Friends on Snapchat?

Your Best Friends are highlighted in two places within Snapchat:

  • Send To Screen: When you first open the Snapchat camera, your 8 Best Friends are featured prominently at the top. They get larger profile icons for easy access.
  • Your Profile: In the Friends section of your profile, your Best Friends appear first. Their names have special emoji icons next to them, which also appear in your chat threads with each Best Friend.

So essentially, Best Friends are spotlighted as your main contacts for quickly Snapping and Chatting on the daily.

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Do Your Friends Know If They’re Your Best Friend?

The Best Friends feature is only visible to you, not your friends. While someone may be able to see if they have a Best Friend emoji next to your name in your shared chat, they can’t see your full Best Friends list.
Some users wish Snapchat Best Friends were public so you could flaunt your top squad. For now, though, Snapchat seems to treat Best Friends as private “Gold Star” info only for your eyes.

Can You Have More Than 8 Best Friends?

No, Snapchat limits your Best Friends to only 8 at a time. According to Snapchat, this small circle reflects your closest circle that you consistently keep in touch with.
If you have more than 8 go-to friends, Snapchat will rotate different ones in and out of your Best Friends spots each week depending on your latest interactions.

Do Best Friends Last Forever?

Best Friends aren’t necessarily forever on Snapchat unless your #1 squad is permanent. As your real-life friendships shift over longer periods, your Snapchat algorithm will capture those changes.
For example, maybe a new school friend starts becoming your BFF after several months. If you end up Snapping them more than other veterans, they could easily hop into your elite Snap inner circle.
Similarly, if you and a longtime Bestie start drifting apart in real life, your declining Snap frequency will soon knock that friend off your priority chat list.

What Happens If You Remove a Best Friend?

Simply deleting or blocking a friend from your contacts instantly boots them from Best Friend status. Poof – no more coveted spot and gone from your Send Screen access too!
Since the algorithm responds to active communication, completely cutting ties means they won’t qualify anymore based on zero Snaps exchanged.

Can You Get Your Best Friend Emoji Back?

Each Best Friend gets their own unique emoji that appears next to their name in your chat threads. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow users to restore or change these special icons once assigned.
If your Best Friend emoji disappears due to that friend dropping off your list for a while, getting BFF status again seems to generate a new random emoji. So don’t get too attached to any particular icon!

Do You Have Any Control Over Your Best Friends?

For the most part, Snapchat’s algorithm calls the shots about who qualifies for your Best Friends. However, there are a few hacks to try influencing it a bit:

  • Chat more 1-on-1: Group chats don’t seem to boost Best Friend status. Focus convos just between you and your top friends.
  • Send them more Snaps directly: Stories and group Snap activity don’t carry the same weight for your algorithm. Privately send more Snaps directly to your desired BFFs.
  • Reply faster, longer and better: When top friends send you Snaps or start a Chat, offer quality replies in a speedy fashion. This two-way engagement helps a lot!

While you can’t handpick Best Friends outright, the algorithm does respond to consistent one-on-one interaction patterns in the long run.

Bottom Line

Getting named a Snapchat Best Friend is a special badge of honor. It means you’ve formed a truly tight bond with someone who engages with you more than almost anyone else in their social circle. While the top 8 spots may rotate week to week, checking your Best Friends is an awesome way to gauge who your number one chat partners are right now. Strive to keep those gold star friendships strong!

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