Snapchat Planet Order And Meaning Explained [2024]

Snapchat planet order Aka Snapchat planets is one of the Snapchat’s newest and most unique social features. Snapchat planet order is available to Snapchat Plus subscribers as a way to glorify friendships on the app.

It visually transforms your Snapchat connections into a personalized Snapchat solar system, with your profile as the sun and your friends as planets orbiting around you. Kind of like a digital universe!

Snapchat Planet Order Explained

How Snapchat Planet Order Works!

In Snapchat solar system, the order and distance of each friend planet is determined by Snapchat’s algorithm based on your interactions, chat frequency, closeness and overall Snapchat activity with each person.

Friends you engage with the most appear as inner Snapchat planets nearest to your profile sun, while friends you’ve drifted from are positioned farther out.

These Snapchat planets automatically rearrange themselves based on your evolving friendships and conversations over time.
Let’s dive in and explore more what each planet represents…

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Snapchat Planets Meanings in Snapchat Planet Order

First let me introduce with the Snapchat planet, these are exactly named on the planets of our solar system.
Here is the snapchat planets list:

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

And Now let me provide you with the detailed description of these Snapchat planets of the Snapchat solar system:

snapchat solar system

Mercury – Your #1 Best Friend

Mercury Snapchat Planet represents your ultimate top best friend on Snapchat. This is the person you interact with and talk to the most out of anyone else on your friend’s list.

Mercury appears with your friend’s Bitmoji surrounded by bright red heart emojis floating around them. This planet is reserved for your Snapchat buddy who you probably snap and chat almost daily.

If someone has designated you as their Mercury, it signifies your friendship is incredibly close and strong on Snapchat. You likely snap multiple times a day, have endless chat conversations, and maintain a 100+ Snapstreak!

Mercury snapchat planet

Venus – Your Second Best Friend

Venus Snapchat Planet symbolizes your second closest friend on Snapchat. Your interactions are just a level below Mercury, meaning you likely snap and chat very regularly, though maybe not quite as often. Venus shows your friend’s bitmoji with multi-color hearts like pink, yellow, and blue hearts encircling them.

Being someone’s Venus planet still indicates a super solid friendship with daily communication. You may chat a bit less than their #1 Mercury buddy, but your conversations are still high quality and consistent. Venus means you’re a top-tier Snapchat confidante!

Venus snapchat planet

Earth – Your Third Best Friend

If your friend has you ranked as Earth Snapchat Planet, it means you’re their third-best Snapchat friend in order. You probably interact a bit less than the inner Mercury and Venus crew, but still have a fabulous friendship. Earth appears with your friend’s Bitmoji surrounded by red hearts and twinkly stars.

As Earth planet, you likely chat multiple times per week with engaged, lengthy conversations. You’re still a core Snapchat friend they love keeping up with regularly, just not to the daily level of Mercury and Venus. But quality over quantity!

earth Snapchat planet

Mars – Your Fourth Best Friend

Mars Snapchat Planet represents your fourth best Snapchat friend. At this point, interactions start decreasing compared to the inner planets, but it’s still a solid friendship. Mars shows your friend’s Bitmoji on an orange planet backdrop with blue and purple hearts floating around them.

Being designated as Mars means you probably snap and chat a few times per week. Your conversations bring enjoyment when they happen! But long deep talks are less frequent than the inner circle planets.

mars snapchat planet

Jupiter – Your Fifth Best Friend

Landing Jupiter Snapchat Planet status means you’re their fifth best Snapchat friend. Interactions are now much less regular and frequent than the inner planets. Jupiter appears as an orange planet with your friend’s Bitmoji on the surface.

The distance of Jupiter indicates you only chat about once a week or once every other week. Your friendship has cooled a bit from the glory days. Your Snapstreak might only be 10-15 days since you don’t snap daily anymore.

You still have great conversations but Snapchat isn’t your main channel of communication these days.

Jupiter snapchat planet

Saturn – Your Sixth Best Friend

If you’re designated Saturn Snapchat planet, you’re that friend’s sixth-best Snapchat bud. On this distant planet, your conversations are now pretty sporadic and infrequent. Saturn shows an orange planet with rings and your Bitmoji.

It shows that you likely don’t have an active Snapstreak anymore. You two are still friends and enjoy chatting, but the relationship has mostly transitioned offline or to other platforms. Snapchat is no longer a priority in your friendship.

Saturn Snapchat Planet

Uranus – Your Seventh Best Friend

If you’ve been relegated to Uranus Snapchat planet, you’re now your friend’s seventh best Snapchat buddy. Interactions are very limited out here on this cold, distant planet.

Uranus appears as a greenish planet with no hearts or other decorations – just your Bitmoji alone up there! Uranus snapchat planets mean that you only chat maybe once a month or less.

Your friendship certainly isn’t what it used to be. You mainly reply to the occasional story or connect when extremely bored these days. Your Snapchat bond has weakened significantly.

Uranus Snapchat Planet

Neptune – Your Eighth Best Friend

The farthest planet from the sun in your Snapchat universe is Neptune Snapchat planet. Being assigned Neptune means you’re essentially this person’s eighth best Snapchat friend by default.

Neptune shows your Bitmoji on a sad, lonely blue planet. The distance signifies you pretty much never interact on Snapchat anymore.
Your friendship on the app has essentially ended. Sure, you’re still connected as friends, but you haven’t actually chatted in many months or even years!
Neptune is for old friends who you’ve lost touch with.

Neptune Snapchat Planet

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How to Improve Your Planet Position in Snapchat Planet Order?

Want to boost your Snapchat plus planets status and become one of your friend’s Mercury? Here are some tips for upping your Snapchat premium planets game:

  • Maintain super long 100+ day Snapstreaks with your true besties. Those marathon streaks basically guarantee Mercury or Venus status!
  • Initiate conversations regularly so friends associate you with frequent, enjoyable chats.
  • Reply quickly when friends send you Snaps or messages. Don’t leave them hanging!
  • Proactively send thoughtful Snaps to spark responses.
  • Comment on their Stories often to show you’re invested in their life updates.
  • Use emojis liberally in your conversations to add color and fun.
  • Send personal Snaps directly to friends instead of just passive group Stories.

Basically, being an active, engaged friend on Snapchat through starting conversations, quick replies, reactions, and one-on-one messages is key to Inner Planet’s success!

How to Check Your Snapchat Planets Order?

Want to explore your own Snapchat planets order and see which planets friends have positioned you on? Here’s how:

  1. Confirm you’re subscribed to Snapchat Plus, required to view planets.
  2. Open a friend’s profile and look for the gold “Best Friends” or grey “Friends” badge.
  3. Long press the badge to reveal your specific Snap planet in their universe!
  4. Repeat with other friends to map out your planet order in each of their systems.
  5. Check back regularly as your planet can shift over time when Snapchat recalculates the algorithm.

Remember, the planet order is private and friends can’t see their placement in your solar system! The Snapchat friends rankings only appear for you.

Why Snapchat Planet Order Was Created?

You may be wondering, why did Snapchat launch this somewhat controversial ranking system in the first place? There are a few potential reasons:

  • To provide more value to Snapchat Plus subscribers and incentivize paid upgrades.
  • To increase overall engagement between friends as they try to level up planets on Snapchat.
  • To differentiate Snapchat from competitors without a similar social ranking system.
  • To give users a more visual, gamified way to see where they stand with friends.
  • To tap into human psychology

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the Snapchat planet order feature is a creative way to visualize your friendships on the app. It definitely motivates you to interact more on Snapchat. But don’t forget real relationships are about way more than planets or algorithms. Focus on building meaningful bonds both on and offline.

Don’t let Snapchat planets become some toxic competition that strains your self-worth. True friendship can’t be quantified by an app. Enjoy exploring your Snapchat planet list, social solar system, but keep quality over quantity when it comes to true besties.

FAQs About Snapchat Planets

What Is the Snapchat Friend Solar System?

The Snapchat Friend Solar System is a cosmic representation of your crew! It’s like a mini universe where your closest pals orbit around you as planets. The tighter the orbit, the more you vibe with that friend. Nifty way to see who’s in your inner circle, eh?

What is the order of Snapchat best friends? 

The order of Snapchat best friends is all about who you vibe with the most, fam. It’s a constant dance of snapping, chatting, and engaging. The more you groove with someone, the closer their planet gets to your core. It’s a fluid, everchanging ranking!

How many best friend planets are on Snapchat?

In the Snapchat cosmos, you get 8 prime planets to represent your squad goals. That’s right, you can have up to 8 besties orbiting your world at any given time. A whole solar system of your nearest and dearest!

Who are the Snapchat planet order best friends?

Ah, now that’s the real question, isn’t it? The planet order is unique to each individual’s universe. Only you know the cosmic hierarchy of your own friendly planets and who reigns supreme in your snappy world!

What is the Snapchat premium planet order?

There’s no such thing as a premium planet order, my friend. Snapchat keeps it real – your bonds with your crew determine the cosmic rankings, not any fancy subscriptions or paid tiers. It’s an organic, everchanging dance!

How do you make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat fast?

Tryna launch someone into your closest orbit? You gotta put in the work, buddy! Snap ’em constantly, chat it up, and engage with their content like it’s your lifeblood. If you vibe hard enough, they’ll slingshot right into your #1 spot before you know it!

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