Snapchat Friend solar system not working? – Troubleshoot Guide

Snapchat planet order is a unique feature that shows you where you rank among your friends’ best friends on the app. However, sometimes you may notice the friend solar system snapchat not working properly for certain friends. This can be confusing and leave you wondering – why my Snapchat friend solar system not working?
Here is a comprehensive guide to understanding the Snapchat solar system and troubleshooting issues when it’s not working.

Why My Snapchat Friend Solar System Not Working?

Before delve deep into the reason behind Snapchat friend solar system not working error, let’s first understand how it works to get the better understanding of the problem.

Snapchat Friend solar system not working

How the Snapchat Friend Solar System Works?

To access the solar system, you tap on a friend’s name within your Snapchat friends list. If you have access to the solar system, their profile opens to a galaxy background with planets popping up.

The number of planets shown depends on your ranking. If you are that friend’s:

  • 1st best friend – you’ll see the Mercury planet
  • 2nd best friend – you’ll see the Venus planet
  • 3rd best friend – you’ll see the Earth planet
  • 4th best friend – you’ll see the Mars planet
  • 5th best friend – you’ll see the Jupiter planet
  • 6th best friend – you’ll see the Saturn planet
  • 7th best friend – you’ll see the Uranus planet
  • 8th best friend – you’ll see the Neptune planet
  • Below #8 – you’ll just see the galaxy background without any planets

So in essence, the planets give you an idea of where exactly you rank on each friend’s best friends list. The more planets visible, the higher up you are.

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Why Isn’t My Friend Solar System Showing Up?

Sometimes, you may notice that certain friends don’t have the solar system visible at all. Instead of planets on a galaxy background, it just shows their name and “Friends” in plain text.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

They Aren’t Your Best Friend

The solar system only appears for friends who are in your Snapchat best friends list. If someone isn’t your bestie on the app, you won’t see the planets for them.

Your Ranking Recently Changed

Snapchat best friend lists update every day based on your snap activity. So if your ranking with that friend has changed recently, it can sometimes take a day or two for the solar system to accurately reflect that.

They Don’t Have Snapchat plus

In order for the solar system to be mutual, both you and your friend need to be Snapchat+ subscribers. If they don’t have a paid Snapchat+ membership, their side won’t show the planets.

Glitch or Delay

Like any app, Snapchat sometimes experiences delays or glitches in rolling out features. It’s possible the solar system is just temporarily unavailable or slow to update for certain friends. Checking back in a few hours or a day may resolve it.

Friend Has You Blocked

If a friend has blocked you on Snapchat, their solar system and rank will not be visible to you. The only indication is that “Friends” text instead of planets.

Troubleshooting the Friend Solar System

If you’ve verified that both you and your friend are Snapchat+ users, but their solar system still isn’t showing up correctly, here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  • Close out of the Snapchat app entirely and reopen it. This refreshes things and resolves any loading issues.
  • Double check that your friend definitely is one of your best friends by going to your own best friends list in your profile.
  • Send your friend a snap and have them send you one back. Snapping back and forth helps boost your ranking.
  • Check if your friend’s bitmoji is linked to their Snapchat. The solar system shows your customized bitmoji avatar, so it needs to be connected.
  • Log out of your Snapchat account and log back in. Like fully restarting the app, this can generate a fresh view.
  • Contact Snapchat customer support for help troubleshooting or reporting any persisting glitches.
  • Wait 24-48 hours for rankings to recalibrate and the solar system to reflect changes. Snapchat’s algorithms don’t update instantly.
  • If all in vain, please contact the snapchat support for further assistance.

With some patience and the right troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get your friend’s solar system working properly again. Keep in mind that rankings are always fluctuating, so the planets visible one day may change the next.

Things to keep in mind

  • It’s only available for Snapchat+ subscribers, at $3.99 per month subscription.
  • Both you and your friends need Snapchat+ to see each other’s solar systems.
  • Planets show your rank on that friend’s best friend list. More planets = higher ranking.
  • Rankings change daily based on snap activity, so solar systems update dynamically.
  • Glitches happen, so solar systems may just take time to load properly in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do friend solar systems change so much?

Snapchat best friend algorithms are based on your snap activity that day. So sending more snaps to each other, chatting more, etc. can cause your rankings to shift daily.

What does it mean if I have no planets for a friend?

No visible planets means you are ranked lower than #8 on that friend’s best friends list. Essentially, not in their “top 8.”

How often does Snapchat update best friend rankings?

Rankings and solar systems can change daily, but Snapchat typically recalibrates them every 24-48 hours based on your activity.

Can I use the solar system without paying for Snapchat+?

No, the friend solar system is currently an exclusive feature only for paying Snapchat+ subscribers.

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