Snapchat Hearts Meaning [2024]

Are you a new Snapchat user and surprised to see multi-colored and designed heart emojis? Let’s learn the meanings of these emojis!
The Snapchat emojis ranges from simple smile faces to dynamic heart emojis. Each of these symbols paints a unique interaction and connection to your relationship with others. We’re going to unfold the secret of Snapchat hearts next to your friends’ names. 

Whether it’s a golden, red, or pink double heart, knowing the meaning of these symbols adds excitement to your Snapchat journey. These hearts represent the details of your relationships on the platform. However, understand the true meaning of Snapchat best friend hearts and how they transform from one style and color to another. 

What do my SnapChat Hearts Mean?

Among numerous others, have you noticed the heart emojis prominently displayed in your friends’ names? Each of these hearts has a striking story behind its style and hue. An exciting aspect of these hearts is that there are three top tiers of these heart symbols, which indicate your top mutual friends. 

Yellow Heart: First Level of Best Friendship

Snapchat algorithm considers this yellow heart the initial tier of best friendship. This first level is a significant achievement as only one person (on your list) can obtain this title at a time. To maintain this status, you must regularly share snaps with that person. Contrary to this term, your yellow heart may disappear or change. 

However, its worthy feature is that not only you but also your best friend can see this yellow heart symbol. It’s an excellent source of strengthening your connections, as you can celebrate this exclusive connection in real life.

Red Heart: Advanced Level of Best Friends

The red heart filter marks the next stage of the best friendship on Snapchat. You can earn it by maintaining the number one best friend status for two consecutive weeks. Hence, you should have to work to attain and achieve this red symbol, and it’s quite challenging for you. 

By consistently sharing your snaps, you may be able to celebrate this proud accomplishment. To keep your best friend for a long while, you must continue your streak. If you lose, it means restarting your streak and losing your red heart sign as well. Ultimately, you need to know the importance of your connection and interaction if you want to acquire the final tier of your closeness. 

Pink Heart: Ultimate Treasure in Best Friendship

Getting the pink heart award represents the highest level of friendship on this platform. This fantastic achievement requires maintaining one best friend status for two months. However, it’s proof of your strengthened bond with your closest friend, which is demonstrated through the exchange of snaps, filters, effects, videos, and other catchy content. Furthermore, sustaining your final tier of best friendship requires consistent interaction to retain the double-pink heart icon. 

Other Snapchat hearts mean:

Green heart

These users are the top-rated followers of the K-pop group NCT. They may proudly display their affection by wearing green hearts openly.

Purple heart

Snapchat previously marked a user’s birthday month with a purple heart on their account profile. Afterward, it was altered. Currently, this emoji represents your support for BTS.

How many Red Hearts can You have on Snapchat?

Suppose you spot the red heart filter next to your name on the Snapchat conversation box; it means they have your top-notch best friend for two straight weeks. Likewise, your best friend can also enjoy this red heart emoji next to your name. You may have numerous best friends on your contact list, but only one member is considered your first-class best buddy. A red heart icon will appear on that member’s contact only.  Remember, Snapchat usually updates your best buddies frequently to provide the latest information.

How many Yellow Hearts are on Snapchat?

Usually, yellow hearts denote your mutual best friendship with the person next to you. While traditionally, one member can only have one best friend, Snapchat allows you to have multiple best friends. Thus, your multiple mutual best friends can have a yellow heart emoji next to their name.

What does the mean on Snapchat?

Your Snapchat chat symbol shows your special bond with your friend when you become each other’s best friend. So you don’t need to wait for 14 days to earn this yellow heart filter, as you do for getting a red heart. When your friendship grows, your hearts are upgraded conveniently.

Is ❤️ Better Than on Snapchat?

Yes, the red heart represents your longer-term (two consecutive weeks) closeness and mutual sharing with your best friends. It happens when things become more serious between you and your loved ones. So, it’s better than a yellow heart, which shows your initial top best friendship stage.

What is the 💕 on Snapchat?

Snapchat double hearts (pink or red) are widely used to express the love between two members. It’s usually seen in text messages conveying your warm feelings or romantic affection towards your family and close ones. Nowadays, this emoji is considered a favorite for expressing love or admiration, along with other best emojis on social media. Likewise on Snapchat two pink hearts represent your strongest and romantic bond with your next member who has been your best ever friend for two months. It’s also represented as an exclusive ‘Super BFF’ status between you and that friend.

How long does it take to get on Snapchat?

Snapchat awarded Users with yellow heart emojis who become each other’s best friends on this platform. When two users exchange the highest number of Snapchat messages with each other, they acquire this status of interaction with a yellow heart ( ).

Another excellent aspect is that this yellow heart transitions into a red heart after two weeks. It shows that you’re still each other’s best friends on Snapchat and that you are maintaining your top-ranking friendship.

How to earn yellow heart on Snapchat?

This process depends entirely on your social media consistency and engagement. Your frequent sending of snaps and videos to your contacts may lead you to earn a yellow heart.

It’s all how you can do is:

  • The more time you engage with others, the more you come close to earning this Yellow Heart award.
  • It’s not an immediate procedure. 
  • It requires a few days/weeks of consistency and sharing content to achieve this milestone.

However, when you maintain this level of engagement for two months, your yellow heart evolves into a pink heart. It marks your involvement, interaction, and steadiness with your contacts.

Why did my Red Heart turn Yellow on Snapchat?

To maintain your friendship bonds with those closest to you on Snapchat, it’s essential to share messages and snaps consistently. If you make a gap in your communication, maybe someone else take this top spot. Then you’ll revert to simply being besties in place of BFFs. Then, your red heart filter may alter to become a yellow heart.

Alternatively, if you consistently share content with your best friend and go with continuous chat, you still notice a change. Snapchat can experience a system glitch, which can lead to a technical issue. It can only be resolved by waiting for its solution from the system’s end. Thus, it’s essential to continue chatting with your friend to maintain your connection.

Why is my Snapchat Yellow Heart not Turning Red Heart?

Snapchat rewards your connections and interactions with well-suited hearts. So the first level of best friends is the yellow heart, which symbolizes your mutual sharing for at least two weeks. Meanwhile, a red heart indicates your best friendliness for almost two months. 

When you notice that your yellow heart doesn’t turn red on your consistent snap-sharing after 34 days, there can be the following scenarios:

  • You or your next member may share snaps with other friends; it can affect the ranking of your best friends.
  • Both of you members may share fewer streaks, or any one of you may be inactive, which is why you have lost ranking.
  • There can be technical errors or bugs on the Snapchat system, which may decline your activity.

Therefore, if you still encounter such glitches despite your active status, you need to clear your app’s cache. Then restart to check your activity status with your friends. Your issue may be resolved successfully. If your errors of heart conversion are still persistent, you can reach out to our customer support on Snapchat.

Why have my Snapchat hearts gone?

If you want to keep your Snapchat hearts filtered, both you and your closest friends must consistently put in effort. It’s a key fact to utilize and enjoy streaks on Snapchat. It’s quite an easy way to make regular best friends by casually sharing videos and photos. Contrarily, acquiring the double pink or Snapchat love hearts after months demands active commitment from both sides. 

However, you should avoid prioritizing someone else, rely on each other, and maintain your streak. If you strengthen your bond with someone else, your Snapchat hearts disappear, and you may become just friends. 

Ultimately, maintaining your best friend status is an exciting but challenging task. To achieve your status, you just need to stay with your best friends actively. Once you go contrary to these Snapchat terms for a long while, you may end up vanishing your heart emojis, and you will have to work on it again.

What Does This Face Mean?

This emoji, “Creepy Moon” or “New Moon Face,” comes as shady, mysterious, discomfort, irony, or admiration for the moon. At the same time, it may seem confusing at first. It’s a versatile emoji conveying feelings of shade, sexual interest, or an expression of fascination with space.

Final Verdict

Snapchat hearts are more than cute symbols; they reflect your interactions with others. Each color and style of the heart speaks differently about your friendship status. So when you spot yellow, red, pink, and double heart signs, you can recognize your best friend’s status. Ultimately, we’ve comprehensively covered all of your concerns about Snapchat hearts meaning. You just stay updated about any technical glitches and official updates on your Snapchat app while enjoying interactive moments with your closest friends.

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