No Gold Ring Around Best Friends on Snapchat 2024? What It Means!

Snapchat best friends feature allows you to see your top 8 friends on the app based on how often you snap with each other. You can identify your best friends by the gold rings that show up around their profile pictures. However, sometimes you may notice that even though someone is your best friend, they don’t have a gold ring around their icon. What gives?

Here’s an explanation of No Gold Ring Around Best Friends on Snapchat means:

Best Friends vs Top Friends

Snapchat actually tracks two levels of friendships – best friends and top friends:

Best Friends

Your top 8 friends that you snap the most. They will have a gold ring around best friends on snapchat.

Top Friends

Your top 16 friends that you snap often with. These friends may not have the gold ring, but Snapchat still considers them a top friend. So if someone is in your top 16 friends but they don’t have a gold ring, it means that while you snap with them frequently, they are not one of your 8 best friends.

No Gold Ring Around Best Friends on Snapchat?

No Gold Ring Around Best Friends on Snapchat

There are a few reasons why one of your top friends may not have the gold best friend ring:

They Have a Different #1 Best Friend

Your friend’s #1 best friend is someone they snap more with than you. You’re in their top 16, but not their top 8.

Your Snapping Levels are Imbalanced

You may snap this friend more than they snap you back. So to them, you’re not a top best friend, but to you they are.

Friend Limit Hasn’t Been Reached

If you don’t have 8 best friends yet, Snapchat will show gold rings for your top friends so far, even if they are not in your top 8 levels of snapping.

You Just Became Friends

It takes some time for Snapchat to calculate best friend levels. If you just added the friend, it’ll take a bit to reach best friend status.

When Are Best Friends Calculated?

Snapchat recalculates your best friends once a month. So if you suddenly notice someone gained or lost a gold ring, it’s likely because your snapping habits changed over the past month leading up to the recalculation.
The specific day of the month varies by user, there is no set date. You’ll simply notice the change whenever your own best friends are refreshed.

Does Snapchat Notify You of Best Friend Changes?

Unfortunately Snapchat does not currently send any kind of notification when your best friends list changes. The only way to know if someone has been added or removed as a best friend is to check for the presence or absence of the gold ring. Some users have requested Snapchat add notifications for best friend changes. But so far, you need to just keep an eye out for gold ring updates on your own.

Can I See My Full Best Friends List?

Unlike your public Snapchat friend list, your best friends list is private and only visible to you. Here’s how to see your full best friends list:

On Android

Tap your profile icon > Tap the smiley face icon next to your name > Tap “Best Friends”

On iOS

Tap your profile icon > Tap the settings icon > Tap “Best Friends”

This will display your top 8 best friends. Keep scrolling down to see your full best friends list.

What Do the Snapchat Friend Emojis Mean?

In addition to gold rings, Snapchat may show some different emoji icons next to friends on your best friends list. Here’s what they indicate:

🌟 Yellow Star – Someone has replayed this person’s snaps in the past 24 hours.

πŸ’› Yellow Heart – You are #1 best friends with each other.

❀️ Red Heart – You have been #1 best friends with each other for two weeks straight.

πŸŒ™ Crescent Moon – You have a Snapstreak going. The number indicates the days in your streak.

πŸ’« Sparkle – You and this friend are within one day of starting a Snapstreak.

Seeing a Bitmoji Vs Bitmoji Outline

On your Snapchat best friends list, some friends may show their Bitmoji avatar, while others only show an outline. Here’s what this means:

Bitmoji: This friend has linked their Bitmoji account.

Bitmoji Outline: This friend does not have a Bitmoji account connected.

So if two best friends both have Bitmoji connected, they will see each other’s actual Bitmoji. If one friend does not have Bitmoji, the other will see an outline for them.

What To Do If Your Best Friend Lost Their Gold Ring?

In Snapchat planets order it can definitely be a bummer if one of your top Snapchat besties no longer has the gold ring around their icon. But don’t panic – here are some tips on maintaining your BFF status and in configuring the issue of no gold ring around best friends on Snapchat.

Snap Them More Often

Try increasing your snaps back and forth to get your levels balanced. Send chat messages too. All activity helps boost your friend score.

Watch Their Stories

Viewing your friend’s stories counts towards your interactions. So be sure to keep tapping in and watching!

Remind Them To Watch Yours

You can long press on a friend’s name and select “View My Story” to send them a manual reminder.

If you make an effort to snap this friend more over the next month, they might regain their gold ring bestie status at the next recalculation!

The Significance of Best Friends

For heavy Snapchat users, best friend status carries a lot of meaning. It shows who your most trusted contacts are on the app and highlights those “VIP” friendships. Monitoring who gains or loses gold rings has become common practice among Snapchatters. After all, no one wants to get left on read by their own BF!
Hopefully this clears up the mystery around what it means of no gold ring around best friends on Snapchat?!
Keep snapping and your besties list is sure to reflect your closest Snap pals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Snapchat’s best friends and the mystery no gold ring around best friends on Snapchat:

Can I hide my best friends from others?

Your best friends list is private and cannot be seen by anyone else. Only you can view it.

What happens when I reach 8 best friends?

Snapchat will demote your lowest best friend if you add a new friend who moves up into your top 8 ranking.

Why did my best friend disappear from my list?

Either your snaps decreased substantially or their snaps with someone else increased. But boosting your interactions can bring them back to BF status!

Can I reorder my best friends?

No, Snapchat automatically ranks best friends based on your snap activity. You cannot change the order.

Can I have more than 8 best friends?

Snapchat limits it to 8 friends in order to identify your closest friendships on the app. But Snapchat+ subscribers can access an extended list too. This premium Snapchat feature lets you view up to 16 best friends in order. Explore more about how many best friend can you have on Snapchat.

Does chatting count towards best friends?

Yes! All chat and video chat activity with a friend contributes to your Snapchat score and best friend ranking.

What happens if I remove a best friend?

Assuming you have 8 best friends already, Snapchat will promote your #9 friend into the #8 best friend position at the next recalculation time.

Can someone fake best friend status?

Not anymore – Snapchat fixed this loophole. Best friend status must be earned through frequent, legitimate snap activity.

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