Mercury Snapchat Planet Meanings Explained!

Mercury Snapchat Planet is the bright red planet of Snapchat planet order located closest to your profile icon. It represents your #1 best friend on Snapchat – the person you chat with and share snaps with the most. Mercury Snapchat planet is surrounded by four or five red hearts, indicating closeness or priority. So if you see someone with Mercury next to their name, it means they are your most frequently interacted with friend.

Mercury On snapchat

The Mystery of Mercury Snapchat Planet

What Does Mercury Snapchat Planet Means?

The planets in Snapchat are named after actual planets in our solar system. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, hence it being positioned closest to your profile which is the center of your Snapchat universe. The parallel to real planets serves as a cute metaphor for how close or important those friends are to you.

Just as the actual Mercury orbits the Sun super quickly – faster than any other planet – Mercury on snapchats indicates your fastest, most frequent Snapchatting buddy. The more you chat and share with that friend above all others, the more strongly they will be locked into Mercury’s orbit.

What the Red Hearts Signify?

As we touched upon briefly, mercury planet on Snapchat is nearly always encircled by several red hearts – but what exactly do they represent?

Each red heart around mercury planet snapchat symbolizes a consecutive day that this #1 bestie has snapped you and kept your snapstreak alive. The higher the number of hearts – usually 4-5 for most people – the longer the snapstreak has survived. It is an indicator of an extremely active and robust friendship on Snapchat.

If your Mercury friend starts slacking and forgets to maintain your streak for a day, they will lose a heart. Better hope they don’t forget again or that coveted Mercury spot will be lost!

Digging Into Mercury Snapchat Planet Trivia

Now that we understand the significance of Mercury in Snapchat, here are some trivia facts about the mythical planet that you can wow your friends with:

  • Mercury used to be called the “gold heart” before June 2015 – the current colorful planets were introduced then.
  • Your Snapchat best friends are the first to view your story at the start of the day – talk about priorities!
  • If you have two people with 4+ red hearts by their names, the one closest to the top is snapchatting with you slightly more actively.
  • You can only have 8 planets/emojis maximum by friends’ names at a time – so enjoy your exclusivity if you have Mercury!
  • Having a Mercury bestie doesn’t necessarily mean you chat the most in total – but you interact the most proportionally.

What does the other Snapchat planets indicate?

Well, Venus is your second closest buddy with similar red hearts. Beyond that is the Earth emoji for those you’ve been friends with for over 2 weeks. And Mars indicates someone who has been #1 before but got less priority lately!
Curious about the Snapchat’s best friends list and how many best friends you can have on Snapchat in 2024? Explore more!

My Best Friend Has Mercury – What it Means?

If you check your friend list and see someone special showing off Mercury next to their name – congratulations! That means you have an outstanding, unparalleled Snapstreak going on and your bond is fiery strong.
To keep that Mercury medal awarded to your friend, make sure you maintain your Streaks and don’t neglect each other. If you ever lose your exclusive planet, you’ll have to work hard again to regain that coveted position in your Snapchat solar system!

The Bottom Line

Of course at the end of the day, emojis aside, a true best friend will stick around regardless of any silly planets. But it still feels nice to show off Mercury together – it uniquely captures your dynamic on Snapchat.
So in short – Mercury Snapchat meaning = ultimate BFF status. Red hearts = dedication to consistent snapping. Entertain your friends and share what you learned about the mystery ”what is mercury on Snapchat planet”!

FAQS about Mercury Planet on Snapchat plus

What is the Mercury planet on Snapchat?

The planet Mercury on Snapchat represents your #1 best friend, with whom you frequently chat and share snaps. If you see someone with Mercury next to their name, it means they are your most interacted with friend.

Can you have multiple Mercury friends on Snapchat?

No, there can only be one Mercury planet displaying next to a friend’s name, representing your #1 top friend based on interactions.

How is your Mercury friend determined on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s algorithm analyzes your chat patterns and sharing activity to calculate who you snap with the most overall. That person becomes your displayed Mercury friend.

Does the Mercury Snapchat friend change often?

Yes, as your chat patterns change week-to-week, your displayed Mercury Snapchat top friend can change to reflect your most frequent conversations.

What happens if I delete my Mercury Snapchat friend?

If you remove your Mercury friend from your friends list, the Mercury planet icon will disappear until Snapchat recalculates a new top friend for you based on your activity.

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