How Does the Snapchat Solar System Work?

Today, where social media platforms constantly evolve to capture the imagination of their users, Snapchat has introduced a novel feature that’s capturing the attention of Gen Z: the Snapchat solar system. This innovative addition offers a visually engaging way to represent your closest friendships within the app, adding a layer of fun to your social media interaction. 


What Is The Snapchat Solar System And How Does It Work?

The Snapchat Friend Solar System is a modern twist on visualising and celebrating your closest friendships within the digital space of Snapchat. Launched as part of the Snapchat Plus subscription service, this feature cleverly maps your friendships to celestial bodies, placing you, the user, at the centre as the Sun. Surrounding you are planets, each representing your top friends based on the level of interaction you share. If you are more engaged with a friend on Snapchat, such as sending pictures, videos, and messages, then their planet will be closer to you(the sun).

What is the Significance of the Snapchat Solar System?

The significance of such visual representation in social interactions cannot be overstated. Today we live in the age of quick social interactions and social connections, so the Snapchat solar system gives the physical and even the tangible effect to online friendships. It becomes a figurative illustration of how close friends can be. At the same time, the abstract idea of “best friends” turns into a game that you can see, play with, and even think about a lot. This tangible aspect of the feature encourages users to engage more deeply with their friends, aiming to nurture their digital solar system, much like one would care for a garden.

From a personal standpoint, the Snapchat Friend Solar System’s visual representation offers a unique way to convey the depth and dynamics of our relationships. They act as a bridge, connecting the digital and physical realms of interaction, and enriching our understanding of social proximity in a virtual context.

Snapchat Solar System Planets Meanings

The Snapchat Solar System intricately categorizes our friendships into a celestial hierarchy, assigning each of our top friends to a planet based on the frequency and depth of our interactions with them. This metaphorical cosmos is not just a playful feature; it’s a reflection of our social dynamics, encapsulated in the whimsical yet profound language of astrology and astronomy. Let’s navigate through this cosmic journey and unravel the meanings behind each celestial body orbiting the user—the Sun in the Snapchat Solar System.

snapchat planets

Mercury – The Rapid Messenger of Closest Connections

Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, symbolises those Snapchat friends who are always just a message away. This planet represents your best friend on the platform—the person whose interactions are as frequent and swift as Mercury’s orbit around the Sun. These are the friends who are always active in your DMs, ready with a quick reply to your stories, and consistently engaged in sending snaps back and forth. Their presence is a constant in your daily digital life, mirroring the reliability and speed of communication that Mercury represents.

Venus – The Radiant Symbol of Intimate Bonds

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, reflects the warmth and depth of your second-closest Snapchat friendship. This is the friend with whom you share not just messages and snaps but also deep conversations and personal moments. Their presence in your social media life is as comforting and significant as the visible brightness of Venus in the night sky. This friend knows the nuances of your expressions behind every filter and stands as a testament to the affection and closeness that defines your bond.

Earth – The Grounded Anchor of Reliable Companionship

Earth represents the stable and dependable friend, the third closest in your Snapchat universe. Much like our home planet provides a foundation for life, this friend offers a steady base of support and reliability. Sometimes you may talk just about nothing, but you are a constant companion who will never leave. This friendship is based on mutual respect, and it is a sustainable connection that balances your digital and your real life..

Mars – The Energetic Force of Dynamic Interaction

Mars symbolizes the fourth-tier friend known for their vivacity and spirit. This planet reflects the dynamic and sometimes fiery nature of your exchanges—filled with energy, spontaneity, and lively debates. The red planet’s association with action and determination mirrors the kind of interactions you have with this friend: ones that spark ideas, inspire spontaneous plans, and invigorate your social media experience with bursts of enthusiasm.

Jupiter – The Giant Guardian of Meaningful Relations

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, stands for the expansive nature of your fifth-closest Snapchat friendship. Like Jupiter’s gravitational might, this friend has a significant, protective influence in your life. Although your interactions may not be regular, your friend has become as important as Jupiter to the entire solar system, and thus gives your social life a sense of assurance and value that is enriching to the social sphere.

Saturn – The Ring-Bound Keeper of Complex Ties

Saturn, with its distinctive rings, represents the sixth-closest friend in your Snapchat solar system. This planet symbolizes the multifaceted nature of your relationship, marked by layers and depth. Whether it’s shared interests in specific filters, games, or inside jokes, this friendship is complex and enriched by the many dimensions of your interactions. Like Saturn’s rings, the bond you share with this friend is intricate and beautiful, a testament to the varied experiences that shape your friendship.

Uranus – The Eccentric Spark of Unconventional Friendships

Uranus signifies the seventh-closest friend, one who brings a unique and unconventional energy to your interactions. This planet embodies the unpredictable and avant-garde aspect of your friendship, from the weirdest filters to the most eccentric snaps. Your exchanges with this friend break the mold, offering a refreshing departure from the norm and reflecting the innovative spirit of Uranus.

Neptune – The Distant Reflection of Deep Understanding

Neptune, the most distant planet, represents the eighth-closest friend in your Snapchat circle. This friendship might feel more remote or abstract, much like Neptune’s position in the snapchat solar system. However, beneath the surface lies a profound mutual respect and understanding. The interactions with this friend, though perhaps less frequent, carry depth and significance, reminiscent of the mysterious and deep blue planet.

My Perspective on Snapchat Solar System – Personal Experiences

From a personal perspective, observing the order of friends as planets in my Snapchat Solar System has been a revelatory experience. It is amazing how real-life relationship patterns can be replicated in the digital communication space. For example, a friend of mine was “Earth” and then suddenly became “Mercury” when I was sharing daily updates and supporting each other through big events in our lives. This shift wasn’t just visible in the app; it was palpable in our strengthened bond.

The Snapchat Friend Solar System, thus, does more than just gamify friendships; it offers a mirror to our social worlds, encouraging us to reflect on our interactions and perhaps even strive to nurture these digital connections into more meaningful relationships. It reminds us that, like the celestial bodies in the vast universe, each friendship holds its unique position and significance in the orbit of our lives

How to Access and Use Your Snapchat Solar System?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access and make the most of this fascinating feature:

Step 1: Subscribe to Snapchat Plus

First and foremost, ensure you’re subscribed to Snapchat Plus. This premium service unlocks the Friend Solar System feature among other exclusive perks. Subscription can be done directly within the Snapchat app, usually found in your profile or settings.

Step 2: Access Your Friend Solar System

Select your profile by tapping on your Bitmoji icon up in the top-left corner of the home screen. Here Is where your options and information about your account are shown. Look for a section or badge indicating “Snapchat Plus” or something similar, where you can access your Friend Solar System.

Step 3: Understand the Planetary Order

Once you’ve accessed your Friend Solar System, you’ll see your friends represented as planets. Each planet signifies a friend, arranged according to the closeness of your interaction with them:

  1. Mercury: Your top friend.
  2. Venus: Your second-closest friend.
  3. …and so on, down to:
  4. Neptune: Your eighth-closest friend.

Step 4: Interpreting the Symbols

Each planet not only represents a friend but also comes with unique symbols—like hearts or stars—that offer further insight into the nature of your relationship. Take the time to understand these symbols; they add depth to the visualisation of your friendships.

Step 5: Check Your Status in Friends’ Solar Systems

Curious about where you stand in your friends’ solar systems? Simply visit their profile, and if they are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you might see a badge indicating your planet in their system. This is a fun way to gauge your relationship dynamics from another perspective.

If You are a Snapchat Plus user and still your friend’s solar system is not working properly, troubleshoot the issue with our extensive guide:

Personal Tips for Navigating Your Snapchat Solar System:

  1. Engagement Matters: Regularly interacting with friends via snaps, messages, and stories can change your planetary positions. If you’re aiming to become someone’s Mercury, increase your engagement with them.
  2. Reflect on Relationships: Use the Solar System as a tool to reflect on your relationships. Seeing a friend drift from Mercury to Mars could be a sign to reconnect.
  3. Privacy Considerations: Remember, while you can see your planet in others’ solar systems, the full layout of their solar system remains private. This ensures a level of privacy and surprise within your social circle.

Final Words

Snapchat’s innovations, best represented by the “Snapchat Solar System,” pave the way for social media platforms that are simply not just limited to sharing content but are interactive worlds now, which in turn, represent and contribute to our social realities. It will be interesting to see how these innovations will affect all forms of digital communications, as they will reshape the way of our interactions on the internet in deep and astonishing ways.

FAQs About Snapchat Solar System

Can I customize the appearance of my Snapchat planet?

As of now, there is no option to customize the appearance of your Snapchat planet. The planets and their characteristics are automatically determined by the app based on your interaction levels with friends.

Do Snapchat planets change over time?

Yes, the positions of planets in your Friend Solar System can change as your interaction levels with friends fluctuate. Regular engagement with a friend could move their planet closer to you, while decreased interaction might result in their planet moving farther away.

What happens if I unsubscribe from Snapchat Plus?

Unsubscribing from Snapchat Plus means no more access to the Snapchat solar system feature together with other premium features offered by Snapchat Plus. While, your basic usage of Snapchat such as primary usage and core functionalities do not alter.

Are Snapchat Planets visible to all my friends?

No, the details of your Friend Solar System are not visible to all your friends. While a friend may see which planet they represent in your solar system, they cannot see the entire layout or the positions of other friends.

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